Who We Are

Our Identity is Together as ONE!

“I appeal to you as a group, therefore brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a group, as a singular sacrifice that is ALIVE, that is separated, and that is acceptable to God, which is the Holy Spirit inspired worship as a group to give.” Romans 12:1 (Expanded ESV version of our own)

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Experiencing God begins with Salvation through Jesus and continues with the authority of Scripture forming a vibrant devotional, prayer, and worship-filled life, where God reveals Himself in Supernatural ways. 


We are Committed through Love! Whether you’re searching, brand new, or maturing, our heart is to create a climate of Welcome, Restoration, and Reconciliation. We believe in Equipping by developing the gifts and calls of every believer to find their place in the body of Christ. This is the goal and intention of every means of discipleship whether in the group setting or one on one.

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It’s about the church connecting with the community. We will do whatever it takes for the community to know that Jesus loves them and wants to break the power of death, Hell, and the grave in their lives, which sin has bound them to. That’s How we expand the Kingdom; through the changed lives of every person.

These Core Values are three simple words that can be daunting, but we know that through the Spirit of God leading, guiding, and coming alongside us, they can be accomplished.