Who WE Are

These core values are a set of four simple words which encompass the whole of our church. These four words are challenging and even a daunting task, but we know that through the Spirit of God leading guiding and coming alongside us, this mission to see the Kingdom of God become a reality on earth as it already is in Heaven, can be accomplished.


We believe the Worship Experience is two-fold: (1) Experiencing God on Sunday and (2) Experiencing God through the Spiritual Disciplines Monday to Saturday. It is the Passionate Preaching of the Word coupled with Authentic Worship that leads to the Supernatural. Experiencing God begins with Salvation and moves through to the Supernatural Manifestations of the Power of God. It is the  authority of Scripture in our lives through a vibrant devotional life and prayer that opens us to God revealing Himself. 


PEOPLE MATTER! It’s not just about getting people to connect with our church, but it is about the church connecting with the community. We believe the culture of the Kingdom of God is made up of ALL ETHNOS (ethnic groups with their varying cultures) worshiping with one voice the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. We will do whatever it takes for the community to know that Jesus Loves them and wants to break the power of death, Hell and the grave in their lives, which sin has bound them to.


We are Committed through Love. We are with the believer whether brand new or maturing, through Restoration and Reconciliation, through Crisis Care and every life struggle as that person grows into a Confident Christian.


We believe in Equipping the Believer; Developing the gifts and calls of every believer to find their place in the body of Christ and aiding the believer to ENGAGE the Church and EXPAND the Kingdom in the world in which we live. We are conforming to the image of Christ, this is the goal in mind and intention of every means of discipleship whether in the group setting or one on one.

We Value the Movement of the Kingdom

Simply put, this incorporates all of the core values into the purpose of Kingdom expansion on the earth. Jesus came preaching “the Kingdom of Heaven is near”. In other words, the Kingdom of Heaven is coming to establish itself in your life. That’s How we expand the Kingdom; through the changed lives of every person.