Giving III

Thanksgiving turkey and side dishes


The smell of the holidays is in the air! We overstuff ourselves with the turkey, dressing, and all the fixings. While Thanksgiving day comes around once a year, giving thanks should never cease! As we get caught up in the Holiday season, understand that tithing IS an expression of being thankful!

Setting the Stage

In Genesis 28:18-22, Jacob, Abraham’s grandson, records his response after spending the night under the stars. That night, Jacob has a vision of Heaven by the Lord. Verse 22 begins with a word we see used in English; the word “And”. “And” is a conjunction; a connecting word that brings together two phrases or thoughts. In the Hebrew language, this word has a bit more significance.

The word “and” means ” in addition to”, and we use this word often when adding information in a discussion. But in the Hebrew language, there is a bit more purpose behind its use. “And” does connect thoughts, and carries a relational component as well. One bible dictionary calls it an expression of “demonstrative force”.

It’s Deeper

Demonstrative is an interesting word as well. According to Google and their oxford languages dictionary, this word means, “serving as conclusive evidence of something; giving proof.” The word means we DEMONSTRATE what we are saying. Jacob was connecting three thoughts: that God would be HIS God, that the pillar he set up and called “Bethel” would be God’s house, and the evidence or proof of both would be Jacob’s response in giving a tenth of ALL that God gives him! What God provides, Jacob would return a tithe as a declaration that God is HIS God.

Jacob’s Point

The point Jacob is making is that we prove God’s Lordship in our lives, by demonstrating thanksgiving for his provision. I declare “I’m blessed”, and it is wonderful, but when I don’t prove it by a response to God who has blessed me, then I spoke empty words.

And guess what? The purpose of tithing post-Exodus was for the same intention; declaring that God was the God of Israel! Today that does not change! What separates us from all others is that we continue to demonstrate Lordship by giving God a tenth of ALL that he provides for us! Like Israel, we today are also trying to get back to our Father’s House and God provides every step of the way! Let’s demonstrate He is Our God, through our giving along the way of this Journey to God’s House!

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