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A Spiritual Dynamic

Did you know that Darius the Mede, written about in the writings of Daniel(ch. 11:1) in Scripture, had an angel of the Lord appointed to be his support? The writings of Daniel peel back a layer of reality and inform us that the spiritual realm indeed has an impact on the physical realm. In chapterContinue reading “A Spiritual Dynamic”


This one is fairly brief…lol! I woke up this morning with this question on my mind, that I believe the Lord dropped in my spirit…”what did I give you that pertains to life and godliness?” The obvious answer we can all think of – EVERYTHING. So I answered the same, and the Lord followed upContinue reading “Everything!!”

Watch What You Say!

If you missed Wednesday night, I want to offer you the opportunity to participate in blog form…lol! One of the keys to Revival in a community is to check the way you speak about that community! Revival doesn’t deal with temporal secular issues, it deals with Spirit and eternal issues. There is a HUGE differenceContinue reading “Watch What You Say!”

Stronger Together!

This week I attended our District Council for the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God. WHAT. A. COUNCIL. IT. WAS!!! The theme was stronger together, and it was on full display as ministers and churches from various cultures and cultural backgrounds gathered under the banner of JESUS, and in the POWER OF THEContinue reading “Stronger Together!”

Memorial Day 2021

As we gather around bbq’s all around the ol’ US of A, we remember those who gave their lives and spilled their blood, and the blood of enemies, to preserve or create freedom in lands throughout the world. I’m reminded that while we celebrate freedom from tyranny and oppression in the natural, there is alsoContinue reading “Memorial Day 2021”


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