I had the opportunity…

To watch “The Chosen-the Messengers” this past Wednesday and WOW, is all I can say. The musical part of the feature-length film was wonderful, great songs, both new and old, that were equally anthemic and celebratory of the time of year that we are in; The Christmas Season.

But what was most appealing to me was the four monologues that were given by actors from the series, the powerful words they spoke concerning the HOPE that we have in the Birth of Jesus. With each word, they expressed the wonderment and awe of just how miraculous and special the Advent of Jesus into this world and in our lives is. I sat speechless in realizing how the “God who sees me” has never allowed me to be lost in His all-powerful vision. I was grateful for the revelations that each speaker presented that gave me a greater appreciation for God’s Love, culminating in sending His Son as an announcement that he is “WITH US”.

Of course, the pinnacle was the actual film expressing the angles that we don’t normally consider when thinking through the details of the story of Our Saviors Birth–The youthful zeal and faith of the young Mary, whose Psalm she declared by the Spirit served as the comfort and supernatural enablement she needed to complete the mission of birthing the Savior; the bumbling of Joseph as he worked feverishly and faithfully to ensure that Mary and Baby Jesus in her womb was taken care of even to the positive and yet “green” look on his face as Mary’s labor pains began. I have to say I had never thought about the angelic announcement to the Shepherds in the fields being simultaneously happening in the moment of Jesus’s birth (We always look at it in chronological terms, but was it?).

It was truly a celebration that made me even more excited for the RETURN of Jesus who came to save you and me and is coming again to take us home to be with him in the not-to-distant future. My eyes were opened to increased awe and appreciation of my Lord and Savior! Surely, Christmas is a more special time than we give it credit for, and that is something that we in the church MUST change!

I have to say I was hooked Wednesday night and will be binge-watching “The Chosen” in the days to come.

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