The Kingdom Imperative!

Something amazing happened on the way to the end of service this morning! People heard the call for becoming evangelists!

This is so important, because it is vital to churches to be more evangelistic in their intentions; especially in this hour that we are in! Gone are the days of passivity. We must be as adamant about seeing people restored or won to the Kingdom of God, as we are about voicing our opinions regarding political issues…EVEN MORE SO!

Our new Evangelist of the church, gave a story at lunch today that makes the necessity of evangelism paramount to the church(es) thriving. He recalled the story as follows:

At the age of 90, Billy Graham underwent surgery to remove his gall bladder. This is hardly ever done to any person at that age, because of the stress of putting someone under anesthesia and the concern of what it would do to their heart. During and after the procedure, the doctor came in to talk with Bro. Graham. They told him that they had been giving him blood transfusions. What they had seen was that the new blood that they were giving Graham, was helping to bring healing to his body. In other words new blood was causing his body to begin healing itself! Immediately, Billy Graham testified that the Lord spoke to him that “new blood heals the body”; his understanding was that new blood (new people coming into the church and being saved by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ) that the church in its excitement over new people would literally begin to find growth and healing through it. WHY? Because God IS up to something, when the church is up to something.

This solidifies the importance of fresh life being brought into the atmosphere, through fresh people coming into the church and finding Jesus! We NEED to heed this for sure! Let’s go into the world and fulfil the Great Commission, by being more militant in reaching people with the Love of God and the power of the Gospel, and in turn watch the Kingdom of God BLOSSOM and Explode upon the earth!

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