A Spiritual Dynamic

Did you know that Darius the Mede, written about in the writings of Daniel(ch. 11:1) in Scripture, had an angel of the Lord appointed to be his support? The writings of Daniel peel back a layer of reality and inform us that the spiritual realm indeed has an impact on the physical realm. In chapter 10 of Daniel, we see that the angel of the Lord (possibly the angel Gabriel who also had come to Daniel before, to bring revelation about visions he had received from the Lord concerning Israel and Babylon) had to battle against the “Prince of Persia” in these particular writings, the word prince is used not just as a royal term, but to indicate that there was an angelic being (whether angel or demon) which had been appointed to be a protector or guardian or even stronghold over not just leaders, but nations!

There is some spiritual significance here; that God had placed an angel to support a heathen king whom He was using as a part of the judgment of God against Israel for their transgressions.

If you can, and are willing to consider, this means that ALL authority on earth that has been given and appointed by God according to Romans 13:1-2 has support from God as His appointed authority AND may have a ruling principality that is also sent. Put simply, there is a war that wages above man that we don’t see but MUST acknowledge…especially in today’s highly charged climate. This explains why Romans 13 continues with the concept of honoring those authorities; that in turn, this honors the Lord himself. NOTHING WRONG WITH DISAGREEMENT WITH THEM, BUT EVERYTHING WRONG WHEN OUT OF YOUR OWN MOUTH (and mine too) WE DEMEAN, DISHONOR, and DESTROY THOSE AUTHORITIES. We are instructed to pray for them even in the midst of disagreement, not blast them all over Facebook and every other social media outlet we can find. The simple fact is that it is a TRUE DISHONOR to God when we dishonor those he places over us or allows to be placed over us as a country, state, city, etc. The bottom line is PRAY for those in authority! #WhenGodsPeoplePray

God can then bless, change, and rearrange the nation…BUT HE WON’T if we bite and devour and complain. #MaturityMatters

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