Watch What You Say!

If you missed Wednesday night, I want to offer you the opportunity to participate in blog form…lol!

One of the keys to Revival in a community is to check the way you speak about that community! Revival doesn’t deal with temporal secular issues, it deals with Spirit and eternal issues. There is a HUGE difference between giving a critique and being critical, and the truth of it is in the spirit by which the words are spoken. Giving a critique points out an issue whether of strength or weakness and seeks to make them better; whereas being critical only points out a problem and never offers a solution. When looking for a good source on this subject in scripture, look no further than Proverbs. remember that King Solomon wrote these to his son. We also as we read them, look at them as tips from God to his children. Solomon was writing to his son to express how royalty should behave, how they should rule, how they should live with others. In the same way, God is writing to us, how to be princely in our journey through this life. Solomon says the power of life and death is in the tongue, and those who love the words they speak will eat the production of those words; Literally, you will eat your words…but let’s look at the matter at hand.

Proverbs 11:11 By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is overthrown.” 

We can be sure that Solomon’s writings are based on his intimacy with God as he was drawing from the wisdom of God to govern the people of God (remember being princely). This isn’t just about the community of believers, but the community at large that doesn’t believe as well. You can tell from this verse that the words our mouths speak play a very big role in affecting not just ourselves, not just our families or churches, but CITIES! In fact, the word here for “city” means “to build” and it refers to building up. The word for exalted means to be raised up; it’s straight and tall, not only this but fortified or reinforced. Apply this to people, families, children, churches, and to communities, and you will see that words that are spoken by the upright ONLY build up and fortify. The words of the wicked that overthrow is the exact opposite, what is being built is being torn down, which is almost the same as idle words that have no effect. But in this case, it’s destroying what is being built so that the finished product is only the ruins. 

James 3:10From the same mouth comes out blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so!

The meaning of the word Blessing in both the Greek and Hebrew carries with it the ideas of- words spoken which captivate the hearer, that bring consecration, that cause to prosper or to make happy; that bring benefit; a benediction-to invoke (inspire) wellness. In other words, to bless is to catalyze a destiny. Its to seal the possibility into someone’s hearing and possible affecting of actions to meet the words spoken. That they captivate the hearer means that they give off HOPE.

For the believer, this commands that you cannot speak in this manner, carrying both pure and bitter words within you, and in actuality, why would you want to? The words we speak either come from uprightness in our lives with God, or from a life of wickedness and rebellion against God. you are either catalyzing wellness or you are catalyzing destruction, but you cannot speak both! In fact, if you take a source of purity and combine it with a source of bitterness, eventually the hearer will only experience the bitter. Bitter words can permeate an atmosphere and become the main influence that flows from you when allowing two sources, existing within you.

How do you change the way you speak? 

  1. See your city, the people, your church, through the lens of Jesus Value. John 3:16, we all know by heart, but do we realize that it speaks of how God the Father showed how he valued humanity through his Son? Jesus died for the entire world, in order to reconcile them to Him. YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO GOD AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE, BELIEVER AND NON-BELIEVER ALIKE! If you cannot speak words according to Jesus’ value, then you don’t know Jesus or the valuation he has put in place.
  2. We prophecy what we want to see as we align with what God already sees. We can learn from the Valley of Dry Bones. When God takes the prophet out to see the valley, we have to remember it was a valley OF dry bones, not a valley filled with dry bones. It was a valley that was made of them, piled high with them, as far as the eye could see. God knew the current condition, but he also knew the possibility. When asking the prophet if the bones could live, the prophet chooses wisely by differing to God’s view rather than sticking to the reality of what he saw. In the prophet’s mind, the bones are dry and dead and hopeless and if he had spoken “wickedly” or faithlessly those bones would’ve stayed that way until God found a prophet who dared to believe in what he didn’t see. The prophet chose to listen to God’s vision and speak from there. He chose to declare God’s Hope over those bones rather than continue to tear down using words with no life. This also implies a connection with God that goes beyond morning services, the occasional Wednesday night, and a 2-3 minute devotional on the way to work. It’s established by prayer! The latest statistics show that the average church attendee prays 1 minute a day, and sadly the average pastor doesn’t fare any better, praying on average 5 minutes a day! Definitely not the way to influence people through inspiring hope or catalyzing a proper destiny! The bottom line is that GOD has a word for EVERY person, place, and “City” that we should be building and we can only hear those words through CLOSENESS to Him!

I’m calling ALL BELIEVERS…It is time for the UPRIGHT to be UPRIGHT through the words they speak, having been called to build and exalt rather than build through destroying.. Will you heed the call today?

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