Stronger Together!

This week I attended our District Council for the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God.


The theme was stronger together, and it was on full display as ministers and churches from various cultures and cultural backgrounds gathered under the banner of JESUS, and in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!

The underlying premise that was spoken time and again was that you are valuable to the Lord, and valuable to one another. This should not just be our mindset, but our action and activity; our mantra and our heart. The valuation system is filtered through JESUS DEATH and RESURRECTION. John 3:16 is the power of the gospel and the PERIOD on the statement of your absolute value!

Second to the value you have is the value YOU bring! Scripture tells us that we are a body that functions together! This means that we are the same in body but different in approach, gifting, talent, and function. But what you bring in those areas is not a detraction or a subtraction it’s an opportunity of MULTIPLICATION! When the corporate body brings their gifting(s) together, they can multiply the effectiveness of the church.

In short you mean more than you think! Don’t sell yourself short!

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