Memorial Day 2021

As we gather around bbq’s all around the ol’ US of A, we remember those who gave their lives and spilled their blood, and the blood of enemies, to preserve or create freedom in lands throughout the world.

I’m reminded that while we celebrate freedom from tyranny and oppression in the natural, there is also an unseen world with vastly more important freedom that we celebrate; freedom from sin! As much as there are men and women who gave their lives in our nations history, there are men and even women who gave their lives because they dared to speak of a Savior– the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ the Son of the Living God!

Hebrews 11 often called the “faith chapter” of Scripture gives us the price many paid to tell of what they never saw in person. And chapter 12 follows up with calling all of them a GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES.

What this speaks of, is foundation. Just as Every generation that gave their lives for our country, every generation of faith that has gone before us is the foundation of faith! Both are the foundation upon which we build; beginning with Genesis to the year 1776 and through til May 31st 2021 and beyond!

How you celebrate is…YOU BUILD! So the question is what are you building? Is it ready for the next generation? We build by celebrating what’s been done, talking about it, living in the sureness of it, renovating what needs to be (the climate of our country needs some renovation) fixed and walking out the truth in realtime. The GOSPEL gives us the right configuration for building.

Jesus is the sure foundation of faith and practice for us to engage in! His life, his death, his resurrection, His Spirit, the supernatural; IT IS ALL WORTH LIVING IN RIGHT NOW!!

So the challenge is to live and build. Start today, its never too late!

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