The Simple Art of A Relaunch

It’s been awhile since there has been a blog post by me, of any kind. Probably well over a year if not two! But when needing to get it going the best way to start that is to relaunch…which is what I’m gonna do right now!

You ever had one of those moments where you realize there’s probably an inch of content rolling around in your head and the outlets you’ve had, just need to be dusted off and put back into play? I mean is there a need to reinvent the wheel…again?

Why do this?

  • Its cathartic for me! I need to get it out of my head and onto paper or in this case the interwebs (as my momma would call it…HA!)
  • It’s a so ple and easy way to get the Gospel out to more people. Which is where you, the reader, truly comes into play. Forward, copy and paste, link to whatever social media you have!

I simply ask that while there is nothing spiritual in this relaunch (today), that you go back and peruse the previous posts, make new comments, engage the content, post a question or comment…bottom line is get re-acquainted. Help this relaunch become what its supposed to be…a chance to connect!

Just know that I love all those who read what I write and I love those who haven’t yet too!

So for today BE BLESSED!

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