There is a law of sacrifices found in the book of Leviticus that is imperative I believe for us to follow. It’s the law of the burnt offering, which is the all-encompassing offering. It’s an act of worship, one that recognizes an absolute desire for obedience and relationship with God first mentioned when God required Abraham to offer Isaac on the altar as a burnt offering. Other Sacrificial laws fall under this law, however, this one has specific instructions attached to it. It’s not a beholding to that law per se, but rather being beholden to a principle that expands beyond Israel to EVERY believer on the planet. Twice in Leviticus 6 (vs. 12,13), the command is given that the “fire on the altar is to be kept burning; it must not go out.” The priests were instructed every morning to lay wood upon the altar. The point of this is to maintain the intensity of the fire. Put simply upon the altar of our hearts, like the fire on the altar of Israel was to have a continual intensity. Why? Because of the continuous offering of sacrifices on that altar throughout the entire day.
So what is the wood we offer on the fire of the altar of our hearts? It certainly isn’t prayers for forgiveness, those would be considered sin(s) being forgiven. So it has to be something else! The answer can’t be ourselves, because that again would be considered an offering; the sacrifice of self to God. Remember this is not about what fire burns up, but what keeps it going! There are many interpretations about what wood means in scripture, but for the most part, everyone revolves around the idea of salvation, especially since the altar sacrifice is a type of Jesus on the Cross. There are three components of fire, that are necessary to keep it going, first was the heat source which was the Fire that fell from Heaven at the first building of the altar, secondly oxygen (wind and in scripture a type of the Spirit of God), and lastly a fuel source which in this case is the wood as opposed to some combustible liquid.
So God provides the Heat source, He provides the oxygen source, and it is up to us to bring the combustible source! And that source…get ready…is PRAISE AND THANKSGIVING FOR SALVATION! We can ill-afford to lose sight of our Salvation. The more we stay praising and thanking God for the cross and for Salvation, the more we continuously give fuel to the fire that is burning, and the more oxygen is required to intensify the flame. You can also incorporate the testimony of your Salvation experience in this too. Praise is NOT a sacrifice when it’s considered a pleasure! When was the last time you were truly thankful for Salvation? Don’t take it for granted any longer, build up a stockpile of praise to bring, begin to feed the Fire of the Spirit with the Praise for Salvation, and watch as the Wind of the Spirit begins to raise the flame higher and higher. And what’s even cooler is that when the fire in you grows in intensity, it begins to heat up further and further distances from you. People will sense the Presence of God in you and the door of faith will pave the way for the miraculous to reveal God’s love to others through you! IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION!

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