Savior + Hope = Purpose

1 Timothy 1:1 “Paul an apostle of Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Jesus our hope:”

What a powerful truth that has been presented that we simply overlook because it’s the introduction to a letter written by Paul. Sometimes the truth is in the details of a greeting and not just in the body of a letter!

Paul sheds some incredible thought-provoking truth that we need to confront in ourselves. It’s not a bad thing to be confronted by scripture, in fact, its beneficial to our over all growth. See Paul refers to God as “God our Savior”. I have to admit this is eye-opening to me, simply because in my mind and memory, I have always (and only) referred to Jesus in that manner. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized this is probably way more accurate than simply calling Jesus, Savior. Of course, I fully believe that Jesus is, but this thought has only strengthened the idea of the unity of thought within the Trinity!

Firstly God is MY Savior. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only (only begotten KJV) son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal (everlasting) life. ” John right here plainly says that God’s love for the world was so deep and so passionate, that he gave his only son as the means for saving the world from its own destructive self. In other words, it was always in the heart of God to save his creation and the action of sending his Son to the earth to die in our place was the means for his being our Savior. Even in the prophets it is described concerning the messiah that he would be the means to reconnecting people back to God–the entire of scripture in reality is the story of how God saved us through his Son Jesus. Knowing that Jesus doesn’t say or do anything that he didn’t hear or see his Father doing (John 5:19, 12:49) means that the plan was God’s idea but Jesus, willing to be submissively obedient, followed the plan-making God’s plan HIS plan. God is Savior through his intention and desire to save us, Jesus is Savior by being the mechanism through which God would accomplish his intention. The Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus in Luke 3:22 means that the Holy Spirit was also intimately involved in God’s plan as Savior through coming upon Jesus and remaining upon him for the purpose of empowering him to accomplish the goal. Jesus then describes the Holy Spirits role of testifying of him, that he is the son of God, the evidence of God’s salvation intent.

Secondly, Jesus is Our Hope. Again Jesus declared he was under authority by only doing and seeing what his father in heaven did and said, but this time it was beyond obedience while living; it is in conquering sin through sacrifice and death by resurrection. Jesus is my hope because what he accomplished was once and for all, it was FINAL! There is no need to repeat it because the power of what Jesus did in dying on the cross and being raised to life again, transcended what could only be accomplished in an earthly context. Jesus’ actions went beyond natural effect into supernatural eternal effect! What a powerful truth to apply to our lives! Its not just that Jesus empowers us to overcome here on earth, its that Jesus has empowered us to overcome what is beyond this earth. Death and eternal damnation are no longer in the forecast of my life! They are in the rear-view mirror as nothing more than blips on the radar, bypassed by Jesus’ blood in death and life in the resurrection. And it’s what awaits me at the end of earthly days! In all this, Jesus was always pointing to God as Savior (John 16-17), and the Father pointed back to Jesus as the end result for all who would believe in the power of those actions on the cross and in the grave!

But what this reveals even more than all this, is that both God our Savior and Jesus our Hope are involved in the calling upon each and every one of us! Both of them being involved (and the Spirits’ empowerment to accomplish Jesus’ work and God’s saving us) all speak to God’s truth that he has a higher–a BETTER–purpose for us. The next adventure is to lean into the Spirit to hear what God my Savior and Jesus my Hope, which is guaranteed, desires for us to do on this earth to expand and send this truth to the world!

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