Perpetual Promise

I\’ve had this on my mind since starting the drive and by drive I mean the beginning of vacation…so bear with me while I type it out…lol. I believe if we will listen, we can hear some truth from the Lord.
Today\’s scripture from the Bible app says, \”no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord , and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord .\” -Isaiah 54:17 NIV
This passage speaks of a complete victory!
This verse comes from a passage that speaks of a future glory for Israel. Actually its a promise of restoration and re-establishment of Israel to a place of influence and importance. Israel is reaping the consequences of their wandering ways, its been prophesied that they will fall and be destroyed because of disobedience and breaking of covenant relationship with God. But God has also prophesied that, like any parent disciplining their children, when they have fulfilled their time of discipline and have come to a place of repentance, that God has a process for restoring them. This verse is at the end of that promise. But it has more to do with there ability to withstand future attacks from enemies that will come against them post-restoration. 
In the first a weapon which is forged means that the enemy took time to prepare the weapon. The process of forging a weapon involves heating up metal to the point that it can be shaped through hammering. It is a time consuming process for the person creating the weapon. It implies that the enemy has put alot of thought into the formation of the weapon, considering the damage it will do. The enemy sharpens the weapon for quick cutting injuries that have deep impact. Imagine a freshly sharpened knife cutting through a tomato there is precision and it will cut deep enough to slice right through without the need for sawing action. We need to realize that the enemy is not ignorant, he is crafty. He will think out a process of attack and will take his time to execute it. The enemy has a plan to destroy each and every believer, and has crafted a weapon or weapons that will inflict damage against you, in every are of your life. The enemy doesn\’t seek to bruise you, HE WANTS TO TAKE YOU OUT! His weapons seek to destroy faith and connection with God. 
God\’s word says that these specifically prepared weapons will not prevail…they may cut or injure, but the effects will not be fatal or irrecoverably destructive! God has become the defense, the protector of his children; this includes Israel and ALL those who are grafted in by faith in Jesus Christ.
Second every word spoken against you will be refuted by you! This means that accusers will receive the reputation of lying about you with consistency because their words cannot stand up against your conduct and even your speaking in response! To refute means to, \”prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or false; disprove; deny or contradict (a statement or accusation).\” This means that there is an internal change in the people of God that takes place. You see in relationship and restoration with God, we cannot be content with just one of these options, we must have both. God wants to be a protection externally and nullify the weapons that come against you, and also wants to bring a change internally so that character can stand when there are attempts to defame it. The internal changes are all about the conduct and character of the believer, which is revealed in responses and actions with others. Arguments are defeated and break down, because the Lord is the one dulling the weapons and weakening the arguments with His Light in our lives! 
In other words God has YOUR BACK!
Lastly it\’s the heritage for those who serve Him. It\’s what is passed down from one generation to the next beginning with you as you set the standard of serving the Lord in faithfulness! Heritage is foundational to the successes of the next generations that come behind you! God is not just interested in you, but he blesses the future which follows you! Its generational blessing that flows from the top down starting with you. This we celebrate, not just by testifying of God\’s goodness, but through direct impartation of faith and obedience to the next generation that is founded upon faithful relationships that we have God Almighty, which imparts to the following generation. 

SO just to be clear, YOU are INDESTRUCTIBLE in the Hand of GOD, IMMOVABLE with His LIGHT shining through your life and forward leaning when you have imparted faithful obedience to the next generations that follow you! Its a victory that keeps going, and going, and going, and going, and going…

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