With Us – Jesus (My last post of 2017!!!)

Well it would seem a bit rude to not end a sermon series on the RIGHT note, so I thought I would leave a thought at the end of 2017 for everyone. We all know this, but lets re-emphasize it right now…JESUS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE GOSPEL NARRATIVE PERIOD!

So many thing to understand about Jesus that there is almost not enough room for it all. But I will do my very best to condense for us all. The importance is based on all the descriptions that we see announced to or by all other characters within the story.

  1. Gabriel announces to Joseph that Jesus would save his people from their sin. Yeshua, by implication in the scripture here, means one who delivers and heals; in this case from sin. Not sin(s), for sin(s) are simply the product of the one sin found in Genesis. Joseph being a righteous man would know that the only way to deal with sin was sacrifice. His acceptance of that fact and his willingness to raise on earth the perfect spotless lamb to be slain is incredible. Jesus came to deliver and heal us from ourselves because there is no way even in our best moments that we could possibly deliver or heal ourselves. He came to do this through the one thing that could deliver us from sin and reconcile us back to right standing with God–give himself as that sacrifice for ALL (past, present, and future humanity). 
  2. Gabriel announces to Mary that Jesus would be the fulfillment of the promise of God to David. We don\’t as citizens of the United States, understand too much about Kings, since we live in a democratic-republic. Jesus was going to restore certainty as to the dominion over the descendants of Jacob. This kingdom would be forever-eternal. It was a hostile takeover of the kingdom of darkness and despair that had cursed the earth. He was coming as a King and would be a King FOREVER. 
  3. The Star announced to the Magi, that Jesus was illumination and the path. The magi came looking for a king as well, but it was the star that brought them. The star was what they followed that led them to the face to face experience with Jesus. Something Jesus referred to himself as was the \”way, the truth and the life\” he announced that \”nobody comes to the Father except through me.\” Jesus referred to himself as the light of the world as well, the illumination for men to see the path! 
  4. The choir of angels announced him to the Shepherds as Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men. Jesus is the promise of God to the earth and to all mankind, that the answer to all their problems had arrived; that the pathway to reconciliation and the open door of God\’s Grace and Favor was available for all of mankind to run through. God had made a way and his WORD was proved to NEVER FAIL! 
When you consider these four announcements, you get the picture that Jesus birth was by far that BIGGEST and MOST WORLD CHANGING event to ever hit the world! Jesus is WITH US, he is FOR US, he came to SAVE US, he is here to LEAD US, He opened the door to the Father TO US! 
What A Mighty God We Serve!

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