Mighty Men Arise!

If there has ever been a need in our nation right now, its for men, GODLY MEN, to rise up and take their places. Speaking of mighty men, I am reminded of David\’s Mighty Men in 2 Samuel 23. What an amazing list of feats, some great others small but none of them insignificant. When you comb through the list of these mighty men, there is really only one man who is written about: Benaiah. He went into a pit on a snowy day while chasing a lion and slaying the lion. Nah, not gonna talk about him today. I want to talk about two other men. These men were part of the first three, they were mighty in deed, in fact some would way they were the top three of the \”mighties\” of David. Yeah these are some guys that teach us how we are supposed to be as men! There names: Eleazer son of Dodai and Shammah son of Agee. What these men did stands out to me as a call to all men to rise up and take their places as leaders within the church as well as at home and even at work.

First a little background… the mighty men were those who had joined themselves to David when he fled from Saul. These were men that had come to him from all over the country, even outside of the country. There hearts were drawn to David, in reality because of the calling and anointing that was upon his life. We could assume that many of these men were not unfamiliar with war, in fact I would venture to say that they were seasoned in warfare many of them having been in battle while David was still shearing sheep for his dad. Scripture qualifies these men by describing them in 1 Samuel 22 as, \”those who were in distress or in debt or discontented\”. This group of men which started out as about 400 and had climbed up to 600. When I think about the way that scripture describes these men, I can\’t help but think how many of us men in the church today find ourselves in the same place! Many men come to church without truly finding their purpose within the church. They still attend, Jesus is Lord and Saviour, but there still is this discontent within. The reason is that men were built for battle; there is a war waging against men and it seems to be winning.

So lets watch and see how Eleazer and Shammah became so great!

  1. They were \”with\” David. I know this almost sounds redundant, but its not intended to be. You see, I\’m not talking about proximity or relationship, I talking about VISION. These men were followers of Davids vision. David was the anointed successor to Saul. He was to be King. Scripture doesn\’t really ever say it, but you know that David\’s story was broadcast; even if it was done by the jealousy of his brothers. The point is this, men in order to be mighty, you need to rally around the vision of the leadership in the church. These men I\’m sure disagreed at times with the decisions of David, they probably even at times saw David\’s immaturity but NEVER ONCE DID THEY REMOVE THEMSELVES FROM HIM. He was the leader, called of God and they followed the vision that God had given to him.
  2. They stood their ground in the fight. One thing is for sure, there will be a fight when God\’s vision is being followed. These men who were with David, now took hold of the covenant they entered with him and fought alongside until the vision came to pass. In the stories of these men, the enemy was making a charge against them, and they stood their ground, defying their attack. Face it men, we are built for combat and to be mighty, we can\’t back down from the fight that comes our way. In fact if you recall the words of Paul, we train hard like a good soldier. Soldiers preparations for fighting are never done during the battle, they prepare for battle beforehand and aren\’t surprised when it comes. The option of many these days is to turn tail and run when opposition comes. But in order to be Mighty, we must not turn away from the fight, we must turn in to it! We fight for it with God\’s weapons, not human ones. Our battle is done in prayer, it is the ONLY place where the battles in this day can be won or lost.
  3. Fight until the battle is done. Eleazar fought until his hand grew tired and froze to the sword. His intensity to finish the fight was such that the sword was no longer a tool in his hand, but an extension of his own arm! Paul in Ephesians 6 uses the word struggle (or wrestle in the KJV). IN either case, the definition of that word describes two figures pushing against each other. The victor is the one who stands over his opponent who is laying prostrate before him in submission. In fact the definition goes so far to say that it is when the victor has the enemy by throat and is securing surrender and submission. The fight isn\’t over simply because the enemy took a break or ran off. An enemy that has not surrendered may run away, but its only to regroup! You cannot call a victory until the enemy has submitted to your supremacy and the authority of the one you represent!
  4. ALL credit belongs to God! In both stories of these men, the end result was victory. But in each case there was no claiming of the victory by the man, he wasn\’t bragged on about his exploits. In fact scripture is very clear to give God ALL the glory for the victory. This is the end to being a Mighty man; if you want to continue as one, God gets the glory and you don\’t! When the fight is over and the battle has been won, PRAISE! A mighty man never turns the attention to himself, especially when he knows that it wasn\’t him that did anything. God may have given the victory through you and your prayer or your action, but the truth is that the victory still comes from God himself. Praise isn\’t just a celebration for the win, its also an atmosphere that ensures future victories too. 
There you have it! Men we in the church NEED you to come out of the shadows and embrace the calling to being Mighty; especially in these last days. These two men aren\’t just mighty in David\’s eyes, they are considered mighty in the eyes of history as well. As long as scripture is still read and published and is still the #1 best seller of all time, then the memory of these two men and their God given exploits will remain with us. Keep to the process that scripture shows us through the lives of Eleazar and Shammah. Add Mighty to your titles men! This process will make turn you into a better man, husband, father, employee, and most importantly a FOLLOWER OF JESUS!

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