Person of Interest

I really like this show called “Person of Interest”. It’s a weekly drama that is set in New York and the back story is about a machine that has been created post-911. This machine is being used by the government to track down what it views as relevant threats to the safety and welfare of the U.S.A. and sends the information to the appropriate authorities to be dealt with. But there was a slight bug in the machine, for it also finds others who are in need of help, but since national security is not involved this data is seen as irrelevant. This list of irrelevant information gets removed from the system at midnight each night and the process starts all over again. The adventure of the story is finding the person, seeing the situation they are in and need help in and then being the aid to solving the issue and then escaping without detection; like being a real life superman/secret agent/ James Bond 007…pretty cool show right?
But put this in spiritual perspective…we as people of the Kingdom, filled with the Spirit, are to act just like this in regard to every person in the world.  How awesome would it be to trust in the Divine Appointments of the Holy Spirit? Face it there are people out there and the Holy Spirit has the information about them and is looking for someone willing to receive that information and follow the leading in order to bring resolve to their life spiritually. Be it Salvation, Healing or Wholeness, the Holy Spirit has a plan to help everyone of them. The need is always present, and the answer always available, but the conduit through which those answers arrive is still wanting!
Jesus told the disciples to look on the fields they are white and ready for harvest, pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He would send laborers…the funny thing is that right after that HE sends THEM! So the truth is as much as we are to pray for the Lord to send laborers, we as believers truly are those laborers! SO the question becomes, are you ready to be a laborer who has already been equipped with the greatest targeting system for all those who are in need? If so, login to the Spirit and go for your next assignment!

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