The One Thing I Wish Jesus Would\’ve Explained

Jesus tell us in Matthew 21 and Mark 11, \” Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.\”

How many of us have ever spoken to the mountain to be removed? Now How many quit speaking to the mountain when it seemed like nothing was happening or (God Forbid) got worse!? You know I kinda wish that Jesus would\’ve spent a few minutes talking about the reality of a mountain moving. This in no way is meant to be critical of the Word, it is more of a revelation that the Lord showed me (at least spoke to me) a few days ago. You see I have spoken to mountains to move and am even currently praying and speaking to mountains to move. But like most prayers, when they are Kingdom to Earth prayers, where we are seeking the Lords will from Heaven and declaring to the earth, I have seen situations personally and even spiritually get a little tougher. I was frustrated and wondering why does it seem to get worse. I was even complaining to the Lord about this, when it all of a sudden entered my mind that the reason for the struggle and the seeming worsened condition is because we don\’t take into account what happens atmospherically and environmentally when a mountain moves.

A mountain moving is a violent event. When a mountain moves, there is pain involved; you\’re relocating something that was connected to the earth and you have commanded earth to be moved. You have declared that a barrier be ripped from its location and be placed out of your way. You can see how rough it is to an environment when you pull blades of grass out from the root. There is additional things that are attached to it that come up with the grass; it leaves a hole in the spot where it once was. Mountains would be no different. They have connections and \”roots\” that don\’t go easily, when they do release and come up with the mountain, they take up everything that was attached to them and leave a change to the ground. Sometimes its not the enemy who is fighting your prayers, sometimes it is the environment and atmosphere changing in answer to your declaration.

It is in this place where prayer is affected and if not careful, will be stopped. We sometimes miss the mountain being moved because the pain it takes to move it causes us to quit believing in Gods purposed Kingdom to Earth declaration; we back-off since it gets worse. We miss the victorious result because we don\’t realize the pain in the process of praying is, in reality, not the enemy fighting but the mountain moving. The pain in the process lets us know that its working. It is here that we must continue to be persistent in our praying. Push through the pain because the mountain is moving!

A friend asked me today, \”what do you do with the hole created by the mountain moving?\” Well the only conclusion I have is to fill the hole with praise! Praise levels the pathway to walk on. Praise is comely (Psalm 33:1, 147:1) Praise builds the faith to continue going and trusting God. Praise lets us know that as much as the prayer moves the mountain, PRAISE helps us realize that it is really God\’s grace that is making it happen. Praise brings Honor to the Father and sets the atmospheric stage for God to do greater and more wonderful things.


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