Romans 8:1-2 says \”Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of Life set me free from the law of sin and death.\” 

This is a very powerful statement that Paul makes. He has been making the argument that all have sinned, and that there is no body innocent. Whether Gentile or Jew, the law is incapable of making us righteous in the sight of God. Closer to the context is Pauls riveting argument about doing things he doesn\’t want to do, versus not doing things he knows he should be doing.  In light of the fact that God through the Lord Jesus Christs\’ blood shed on the cross has paid the price to solve that argument, I can be made free from the roller coaster of mixed obedience/disobedience; I have been given victory that I could NOT attain on my own. Paul\’s conclusion…those who are in Christ Jesus are free from condemnation. See Paul makes the case that the law is Good. It gives us the knowledge to know what is sin (missing the mark), the catch with the law is that the moment you gain knowledge of sin, you begin to see it everywhere in your life. You realize how wretched you are and because we have this nature in us to want to conquer, we use our human abilities try to \”tow the line\”. It becomes a wretched place to live; the more you work on it, the more imperfect you see yourself being. You work in one area of your life, and it seems like 10 more rise up in its place, each one piling more and more work on the desk of your life. Most people quit, others who like a challenge will try to continue and become bitter competitors; not with themselves, but everyone else–pointing the fingers at others to show how much better they are than you. Paul draws us in to realizing that this is an insane way to live, but along with pointing that out, shows us the way!

The way is Jesus! He is the one who brings the whole picture together! Jesus is the cure for the insanity. His blood shed on the cross, provides a way of escaping the roller coaster. We no longer have to compete with ourselves, we have already won. The law still brings the charge, but Jesus blood pays the price. Does this mean that we can sin without regard for the law or for Jesus payment? Absolutely NOT! The law, remember, is still good; it still has a voice. Jesus has given us the way to walk according to it. We rest in the price that he paid. The Freedom we know is from the sharp rebuke of the law, not the knowledge of sin. Through Jesus we are now partakers of Grace. Grace is Gods ability given to us to accomplish what we couldn\’t do on our own (the roller coaster). The price for God\’s grace is the same for paying off the law, Jesus blood. God\’s grace doesn\’t cost us a thing other than to open our arms widely and recieve it by faith! The law is good but has become the loophole of the enemy of our souls. He uses the law to bring condmenation upon us. By telling us what we do wrong, he brings the overwhleming sense of self-awareness in our sin. Condemnation is simply this, \”the expression of very strong disapproval; censure; sentencing\” Satan\’s tactic is not just self-condemnation, but the feeling of condemnation by God, Jesus and others around us. But JESUS, just like the woman caught in adultery, by his blood, says I don\’t condemn you and neither doed the Father.

Which leads me to something very cool that I saw in my reading this morning…Psalm 109:30-31 says \”With my mouth I will greatly extol the Lord; in the great throng I will praise him. For he stands at the right hand of the needy one, to save his life from those who condemn him.\” AWESOME RIGHT!!! This is a promise that helps us to understand why there is freedom from condemnation, and its a picture of God\’s Grace with us. It is Jesus standing on the right hand side of us! He isn\’t just leading us, he is walking with us as he leads us. He acts as a guide, a companion and a shield for us! Jesus says he has sent to us the Holy Spirit as a \”paraclete\” (one who comes alongside; one who is the same as me[Jesus]). The proof right there is that God is not willing for us to fail, so he sends Jesus to establish victory, and then brings the Holy Spirit alongside to ensure it. It\’s a WIN-WIN situation. 

Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! We have been made victors through the victorious one!

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