Psalm 36:7 \”How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings.\”
What an awesome promise found in the thoughts of David. We can\’t put a price on the love of God:
1. Because of the sheer extreme of it. His love is everlasting. In fact, it is from everlasting to everlasting, so it\’s multiplied on itself. His love was enough to send His own Son to die in our stead. He loves us so much he would that none should perish but that all would find eternal life. You can\’t argue the love of God! His love is measured in his discipline in our lives as well as in the blessing he speaks over us and our futures.
2. Men of low and high estate find shelter underneath the shadow of his wings. In other words, his shelter doesn\’t look at a person\’s status. It isn\’t the size of the man in need or the size of the need in man, it\’s the God who is Lord over ALL! We need to realize that the shadow is always longer than the actual figure. Ever notice that? Next time look at the shadow you cast on the ground and guess what? You can never reach the end of it! As much as you try, it will extend out further and further. God\’s love has the very same reach.
DON\’T GET IT TWISTED! The level of Gods love is unlimited to those who fear him. In fact, Davids conclusion concerning sinfulness is that there is no fear of God before the eyes of the sinful. So this isn\’t about God\’s tolerance! His love is mighty and broad sweeping, but the expectation of his love and Goodness is to lead us to repentance. Not an \”I\’m sorry\” and never a change in my identity kind, but a total change in my identity through the change in my thinking kind. God\’s love shown through Jesus Christ is redemptive in nature and proactive in cultivating the culture of identity change in us!
Indeed, God\’s Love is EXCEEDINGLY PRICELESS!!!
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