From Exclamation to Question Mark

Luke 9:25 \”And he [Jesus] said unto them, Where is your faith? And they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water and they obey him.\” (KJV)

What an awesome epiphany! I have been in church nearly my whole life and have never seen this scripture in this light nor heard anyone preach it like I did today. 

The disciples have seen many things thus far in the ministry of Jesus. They have seen him speak to sicknesses and diseases and them leave the bodies of numerous people. They have seen him shut the mouths of the Pharisees who set out to debate him on scriptural issues. They even saw him take fish and loaves and multiply it to feed five-thousand people, but this was totally different. On this day Jesus speaks to the winds and water and they go from storming and nearly drowning the boat they are all in, to serene and calm in a moment. The one thing I have never noticed in all my years of reading scripture and coming across this verse, was that what the disciples said was NEVER A QUESTION; IT WAS AN EXCLAMATION! Many translations have it as a question, but I\’m not so sure it really ever was. It all begins with the word \”wondered\”. That word is \”thaumazo\” translated to mean – astonished (out of ones mind); awestruck; to marvel. These are not definitions which carry the idea of pondering or asking a question. The 12 weren\’t asking, they were making a statement that was based in amazement or astonishment! It was like what we might here on a t.v. show as a descriptive testament; somebody so impressed that they can only respond by saying \”What a Man!\”. How incredible is that? Not only were they exclaiming that Jesus was the man, but they identify in what manner they have come to this conclusion: even the winds and water obey him! The 12 knew his dominion and authority over sickness, disease and death; even the demon-possessed, but now they saw that truly his authority goes beyond what their finite minds could comprehend. He is now master of the seen and the unseen.

I actually believe that there is a lesson for us all to learn here that will prune us and groom us and make us fruitful in our lives if we will heed it. The question and lesson we must ask ourselves is, what journey does fear take us on? Fear is the opposite of faith and has always been. Fear is the one thing that can lead you on the path that transforms your life from an exclamation point (a declaration) to a question mark (a doubt). Too often we compartmentalize our faith in to small rooms. This in turn reduces faith to a scale based on the atmosphere or environment we are in. For example, it is easy for us to believe that God can touch our tiny headache, but cancer? This is better served by the doctor?! Don\’t get me wrong, I think that the doctor can serve a great purpose, but in the end the question is more about God\’s ability rather than man\’s; especially for the believer. 

What would happen if for just one moment you allowed God through Jesus Christ to show His dominion in every aspect (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and environmentally)? You will never know if you compartmentalize and scale your faith! Quit doubting God! If you examine the whole of your life, and include even the times you asked for something you wanted according to your own means of consumption (James 4:3) rather than His Will, you will find that even then God never let you down! He has never failed you, either in His Word or in His Deed! 

Take that moment to see the truth and then take another moment and begin to walk in the Exclaming Declaration of \”What A Man This Is\”!!!!!

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