It Was Well Worth It!!!

I watched a really good movie last night called \”The Monuments Men\”; a movie based on a mission during WWII to recover fine art (paintings, sculptures, etc.) that had been taken by Hitler and the SS. It was a fairly clean movie and one that stirs the appreciation factor up during this Memorial Day Weekend. There is a seen at the end that I think makes it all worth it watching. (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! stop reading if you don\’t want to know this!) After the war is over, recovery of what was stolen is now in the painstaking process of returning the collectibles to their rightful owners, it is now time to brief the President on the success of the mission. After the President is briefed, he asks a few questions and its the last one that sticks out in my mind. He asks, do you think the pieces of art were worth the price of two men losing their lives? Do you think that 30 years from now, people are going to appreciate and see that the priceless works were worth the lives of those two men?\” Immediately you are taken 30 years into the future where you see people in a Catholic Cathedral admiring one of the priceless pieces of art and a white-headed man with his grandson in tow, slowly walks to the sculpture of the \”Madonna of Bruges\” by Michaelangelo, touches the foot of the sculpture and says \”Yes, yes I do\” with the voice over of George Clooney. A very powerful scene indeed.

This morning as I am pondering what to actually write, it occurs to me that we should ask in many ways the same question(s) of our spiritual lives. I think that we will find our answers to be the same as the character in the movie is we are truly thinking about it. Let\’s put God on the stand for a moment and ask him the same questions…

1) God do you think it was worth the price you paid with your sons life in order to save your very own priceless works of art? Scripture says we are \”fearfully and wonderfully made\”. Scripture says that God \”formed\” man which means that out of all things created, we are the ones he got his hands actually dirty for. He spoke everything else into existence, yet when it came to us he chose to not just create us with his mouth, but with his heart and mind and hand truly activated in the process. You are his priceless works of art! The enemy had stolen you in effort to build a kingdom for himself, a failed right hand man with authority issues was Satan, and he was bent on taking all of God\’s priceless works and exploiting their value for his own personal gain. But God sent his son to redeem us; to take us back from Satan\’s clutches!! The war isn\’t over and I believe that God still pursues the lives of his priceless works of art, but he has already secured the price of each piece through the death, burial and resurrection of His son Jesus. I believe that with every one of His [God\’s] priceless works that comes to an altar and receives Jesus as their Lord and Savior only furthers the resolve of God and the ONLY response he can have (or wants) to that question is a RESOUNDING YES!!!

2) God do you think that thirty years from now people are going to appreciate the price paid? Of course its been 2000 years since the price was paid, but you can bet there is another RESOUNDING YES! There is nothing like seeing generations worshipping together and embracing the gift of Jesus in their lives. Nothing like it in the world AT ALL! There is nothing like seeing grandfathers and grandmothers who have been praying for lost sons and daughters to come home, finally seeing it happen after years of waiting. Or like seeing your siblings come back to the Lord after years of wandering in the wilderness looking for a place to land without finding anywhere. The results speak for themselves! God doesn\’t have to answer that question because the proof is laid out before you. Look at the smile on a persons face when they \”get saved\”. An overwhelming joy and peace, the sigh of a burden lifted; these are the sounds that sing to the Lord an adoring song of worth.

Now lets break it down….as we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, we take time to remember everyone who gave their lives for our freedom. While we are thankful for freedom, lets also celebrate the Spiritual Freedom we have been given by God\’s own son, paying the ultimate price for us. This in no way diminishes the cost of any man who fought against tyranny for our freedom, in fact it should increase our thanks to them. They gave their lives to ensure that not just a way of life wouldn\’t disappear, but they also gave their lives to ensure that generations would have the opportunity to hear the power of the Gospel coming to light! 

Was it worth it? Absolutely YES!!!!!

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