Winning Friends and Influencing People….God\’s Way

David really understands and knows how to draw a picture of God in a way that I think appeals to most men! There is nothing like a good action story based on the vengeance of a person scorned looking to bring justice to a situation or circumstance in their lives. Of course personally for me one of the greatest stories of vengeance told on the silver screen was/is \”Gladiator\”. I know some of you might think that I\’m off my rocker for even mentioning a movie with such violence and blood in it as a favorite of mine, but it is still true. I\’m not going to try to find Jesus in the movie, pretty much because I\’m not quite sure you can find him….nonetheless, I digress.

David, though, draws a picture that I think would make even Hollywood rise in acclaimed praise and adoration (I mean I could see the CG getting an Oscar or at the very least be in the running). David paints a picture of how God comes down to deal with those who are bent on destroying His righteous people. You can read it in Psalm 18.

I guess my first and only real question is what would happen if we actually viewed God as on our side in the same manner that David did. Do You remember the \”My Dad is Bigger than Your Dad\” discussions you used to have as a kid and quite frankly still do today? This is David\’s argument! He has a such a high view of God that when he has experienced Victory over his enemies (including King Saul at the time) he creates this imaginative (I wouldn\’t mind literal, but refer to the first paragraph to know why) and simply awe-inspiring depiction. But what would happen if we viewed God in the same manner? Would it change the way that you walk in this life? Would it bring you to a level of confidence in the face of trying and troublesome times? I\”m willing to bet that it might.

David understood who God is and how much he loves those who are righteous before him. Before you get too carried away, let me say that I believe that God loves the unrighteous too…in fact I know and agree that prior to salvation by Grace through Faith in the atoning work of Jesus on the Cross, I was in the same boat as the unrighteous and under the same penalty of death as the wages for the sin I had committed. I know that I am counted as righteous, through faith in Jesus, so then I make a delineation between the righteous and unrighteous as such. David knows God , not just in the big picture, but in the small as well.

There is one small passage in Psalm 18 (verses 25-26) which to me spells out how God is described in his love for both the righteous and unrighteous. I\’m not going to write out every detail, but will just say that one of the most interesting facets of this passage is the word usages. David gives a trait of a person and speaks as to how God responds to them in the same way (ex. \”with the merciful thou wilt show thyself merciful.\”) in each case, the word used to describe the person, is actually a Hebrew word which finds its root in a the word used for describing God\’s response. I guess to put it in different terms, the word descriptor for God in his response serves as the root for the words used to describe man in his actions. God is the root!!!! He is the root of mercy, uprightness,and purity. However when we come to the final word in the passage, the tactic changes. One reason: God isn\’t froward. David uses two different words that aren\’t related in root to one another. It would better explained as saying that, \”with the man who is froward (crooked, perverse, twisted) thou wilt show thyself froward (to wrestle). What??? To the twisted, perverted and crooked person, God will wrestle with them. Another definition is \”to twist\” but it doesn\’t really make much sense, especially if God is not twisted. So what is David saying? I believe that what he is saying is that God responds to the twisted by wrestling in effort to help UN-TWIST them. David knows this that when you walk with the Lord, he will make it out to be that even your enemies become your friends. How does this happen…God shows himself to wrestle and twist with the twisted. 

God\’s goodness is such that He desires that all might be saved. So then he doesn\’t just work on the righteous, without working on the unrighteous through you! It is awesome to know that God will reveal himself in the most simple ways to us, as the root of our walk with him, and yet those who don\’t walk with Him, he will equally show himself in effort to un-twist and bring a deliverance to their lives. God comes down in amazing ways, to reveal himself as the avenger of our cause! But if we would allow him, he will come down in fiery explosions to defend us and work on the heart of the twisted to create in them the same path He has created in us!

Surely God\’s great awesomeness and splendor in displaying his Bigness on our side, is more amazing and mercifully graceful as we watch His Bark and His Bite seek to bring change in the enemy and not just destroy them from the face of the Earth. Let God deal with the enemies in our lives….perhaps your\’ greatest enemy can become your best friend when the Untwister rolls into town.

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