Art of Healthy Debate (Trust me its not what you think!)

Psalm 16:17 \”Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy  presence is fullness of joy;at the right hand there are pleasures for evermore.\”

It took me a few minutes to read through several of the Psalms this morning and really see what God is saying. Have you ever been in a situation or conversation that in a sense leaves you reeling to the point that everything you read seems like an arguing point you would make in the debate as you try to spiritualize an answer to the operation of the flesh nature? Don\’t ask…..seriously!

Even then, the answer would remain the same for me and should remain the same for you, whether you answered laughingly to my question or not: THERE IS NO LIFE IN A LIFELESS DEBATE! IF JESUS ISN\”T THE CENTER THEN THE ARGUMENT IS A FAIL REGARDLESS OF THE POSITION. So whats that got to do with the verse above? My thought is EVERYTHING!

The last several Psalms I had read, were of David\’s discussions about the cruelty of man, the truth behind lips which flatter with words that are empty…hollow like a tree riddled with termites; the need for salvation to come from Zion; the standard for who can abide in the Holy hill of God and other things including his exhortation to himself that his trust is in the Lord. All that boils down to this one point that he makes in the aforementioned verse. There is no right lane, nor  left lane to true satisfaction in this life, there is only the center lane (the God determined lane) that leads to what REAL life is all about.

The grammar lesson of the colon has changed how I read scripture, and has made many things contained therein more clear (not necessarily crystal, but close enough for the moment). If you need to see it with your own eyes to know that I\’m telling the truth, then here is the link: Serving as a link between sentences, the second sentence explains or illustrates the first sentence (RULE 4). Applying that grammatical standard to this verse, here is what David is saying which makes this a pretty powerful statement…..

Firstly God will show him the path of life. There is no other person on this earth, who can ever lead you in to life and happiness better than God. However life as David states it here, is not a destination, but a journey. It is the path \”OF\” life. To put it differently, \”of\” is a word which describes source and position not destination. This path is sourced in life it does not end in life; the end is better than life, because the end of this path is CHRIST JESUS (THE ANOINTED ONE). So then this path which is sourced in life, has two realities (truths) which are undeniable and cannot be removed the path.

1) In Thy Presence is fullness of Joy. David knew that in order for him to remain composed as he walks and sees wickedness honored, the poor afflicted, the lying lips of men which flatter, the need for salvation to return and the like, he would need large doses of the Presence of God. Why? Because in the Presence of the Lord he receives an over-abundance of joy. Fullness in the Hebrew means to be satiated (a root from which we get the word satisfaction) and the second word joy, is defined as \”gladness, blithsomeness or glee\”. Of course there was another word which I thought was fitting; mirth. What is mirth? Had to look it up and found that mirth is actually laughter. David is literally saying that in the Presence of the Lord, he is satisfied with laughter? Yes, but not how you would think. He isn\’t laughing or mocking the degradation of society or the perils and calamities of the poor and afflicted. Its not a blindness to the situations at hand, it is a laughter of bubbling confidence in the caretaking and providing ability of the God in whom he trusts! It is the knowledge that, in a fallen world where life hits you on all sides and situations happen every second of every day that are beyond your ability to control, GOD IS A FIRM FOUNDATION AND HIS PROVISION IS BEYOND MEASURE! I think of it in terms of seeing the advantage you have that the enemy does not even realize you have, until it is too late to back out of the fight.

2) At His right hand are pleasures for evermore. This is pretty powerful! The right hand, is a sign of strength and ability. In scripture to speak of anything on the \”right\” side would be a reference to the strength (not physical, but rather abundance and might) that a person, usually spoken in reference to God, carries with them. Pleasures is a word which means at its root, agreeableness (able to be accepted). Evermore is a word which has several meanings, of which one jumped off the page at me and that is Victory. So when we look collectively at this phrase, we can see that David was actually saying that God\’s strength and ability are acceptable to the point of absolute victory. Now here is the key, the word \”at\” is positional. In other words, you are placing all your trust of life and well-being into the strength and ability of God to the point of accepting Victory over the situations you see.

In the end, the path sourced in life, is found in the Presence of God where there is a confident laughter and in His strength where there is Victory! To make attempts to \”do-it-yourself\” is a journey that ends in futility. This is how you end all debates and how you remove yourself from the overwhelming desire to argue fleshly points. This is the center-lane which leads to a Victorious end through a very harsh reality.

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