The Lord Loves Righteousness

Psalm 11:3 \”If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?\”

Not sure why this verse necessarily stuck out to me, but I venture on nonetheless! David spends a few minutes here discussing the fact that his closest friends and supporters have told him to flee to the mountains like a bird. They have told him that the enemy (most likely Absalom according to some of the scholars concerning the date and time of Davids\’ life in which this was written….although this could also suit as a description of Saul during the early years of David\’s service in the palace) has an arrow ready to fire from their bow; attack isn\’t just imminent, but it is knocking on the door! ANYONE EVER FELT THIS WAY IN LIFE? You feel like the enemy has been lobbing bombs at you and now more than ever it is like he is banging on the door of your heart bent on destroying you from the inside out!

David is asking a serious question here. What about the foundation? Some scholars believe this has to do with moral and political corruption, which makes sense when looking at it through the context of the time in which this could have been written (either Saul\’s persecution or Absalom\’s). But I have a different look at this one. Since David begins in verse one(1) of this Psalm with \”In the LORD put I my trust…\” what if David is asking about the foundation of trust and faith in God? The true answer to this question is that if the foundation of faith is gone, then every bit of fight that was in him/her has left. If there exists no belief that God can\’t or won\’t fight on your behalf then you might as well give up. If God is not for you, EVERYONE is against you and you have NO hope. But……

YET DAVID MAKES A DECLARATION! \”The Lord is in his Holy Temple, the LORD\’s throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men.\” David\’s foundation of faith is NOT destroyed, on the contrary He is speaking truth to His own Spirit to revive himself to continue on! This is a test (vs.5); one which I will pass. God is my defense! He is the one who will judge the wicked for what they are doing and will be the one who punishes them! The Lord loves the righteous (those who by faith are in right standing with him; that faith which is in and through Jesus Christ). The best part, \”His [the LORD] countenance doth behold the upright.\” GOD IS WATCHING AND SEES YOU! The word countenance carries a root which means \”to turn\”; its base definition means a turning of the face towards and be before (in front of). In other words, God has turned his face towards you and now stands in front or before you. Its a word picture that presents God like a protector; one who sees calamity coming and then steps in front of you with his back towards the enemy. This is  to fend off the attack first, but then it puts him in the proper position not just to defend, but to move aggressively against the enemy as well.  Behold also has an interesting definition here as well. Behold doesn\’t simply mean see, it also means to have vision of, to perceive, to prophesy. If we think about it, we can take comfort in the truth that He [God] sees us, and he perceives or understands where we are and what is going on, BUT HE ALSO IN HIS SIGHT AND UNDERSTANDING HAS A PROPHETIC WORD TO SPEAK OVER YOU IN THE MIDST OF YOUR TROUBLE. Not to jump into my friends messages on Grace, but the fact is that the Prophesy that comes is one word  shouted from one end of eternity to the next…GRACE!!!!! This one word empowers us to continue under pressure knowing not just that God\’s strength and joy and peace is with us, but that His very Presence accompanies to defend and destroy the works of the enemy!

So then the question that must be answered, is how is your foundation? Is it leaning towards destruction? Let the words and confirming hope of David speak to you in this restless moment. This is not a concern, but a glimmer of Hope from David…if the righteous are truly righteous, then there is a distinct and internal \”knowing\” that the foundation is not destroyed when that foundation is Christ. In truth the righteous can do nothing but take it and possibly die if the foundation is gone, but since the foundation is NOT destroyed, they can rise in the faith that God sees and prophesies GRACE to help.

You can stand knowing that God is for you and there is no need to run to the hills.


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