True Signs of Fear

Psalm 25: 12-13

How is a man who fears the Lord identified? 3 ways…

1. The Lord directs him in the path to walk in. Think about this, the Lord himself will lead and guide. This expresses a true closeness and intimacy with Him. It expresses a willful submission and surrender to the leading of the Lord on our part. Scripture calls us clay in the hands of the potter. Clay has no voice, but acts in total surrender to the vision of the potter as he places the clay either in his hands to be worked or on a wheel to be worked. In any case the clay is being shaped into the vessel that the potter has determined and its intended use. In there is also the quality of humility. It is as Jesus in the garden praying \”nevertheless, not my will but yours be done\”.

2. His soul will abide in prosperity. This is taken from the NASB. Prosperity is the \”tob\” (\”good\”). It carries a meaning that is all encompassing. It is not simply affluence as some might lead you to believe. That is merely part of it and in the case of finances is not really the wealth that many in today proclaim, but rather basking in the fullness of Gods provision in all things. Mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially…etc. Abide here doesn\’t simply mean live, but more precisely it means to dwell, or stay firm; to be planted, immovable. In other words there is a sureness to the goodness in which you are living. The provision of God is evident, but it only coupled with the humility it takes to live in that provision (refer to identifier #1).

3. His \”seed\” (descendants) will inherit the land. Inherit, means in the Hebrew to drive out the previous inhabitants. It is a reference to Israel living in the provision, and guidance of God. As the followed the Lord and stayed firm in his abundance and provision, the enemies were routed before them. NOWHERE DOES IT SAY THAT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A TRIAL, rather it says you will conquer (more implies than directly says) the enemies that are before you. Not just you, but more your children. WHY? You are setting an example of walking in the fear of the Lord. Your children are catching what you are teaching by the life that you are living. Let\’s be honest about this one, perhaps if your children aren\’t gaining ground it is because you didn\’t teach them by the life you lived to depend upon God direction, leadership and provision. It can all change if you will change today!

How do these markers set with you? Let them sink in and take it from David who lived it out. To live in the Fear of the Lord is far greater than to dwell by your own hand.

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