I\’ve begun to see scripture a little bigger in the last couple of days. The thought occurred to me while reading a book that perhaps I had forgotten the awe of Scripture and the awe of God, because I have spent so much time in personal application that I don\’t marvel anymore. I look at the Gospels, and the original intention of the writer was not to establish doctrine, but to make Jesus Larger Than Life! He was to be so big that the reader was caught up in the bigness and greatness of God through Jesus.

We can\’t forget the supernatural of God! It isn\’t to be bypassed for a better application of a truth found but not necessarily intended.

God goes beyond natural law to bring his son into the world through a virgin (one who was untouched by man), then as he is growing up into his role here on earth, there is a spectacle at his baptism with John. To top it off Jesus goes against nature to turn water to wine, heal blind eyes with spit and mud, speak to water and wind to calm down, walk on water, heal deaf ears and silent (mute) mouths, curse trees, raise the dead and in the end defeat the natural order of death himself! This is Jesus in 3 1/2 years of ministry on earth, this isn\’t the whole of scripture.

God is Huge and Jesus is larger than life! I don\’t want to relegate him to teachings only…I want to know this big powerful, transcendent God who spanned time and space to meet me one day when I asked Jesus into my heart. What a divine intervention in my life!

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